Operations and Logistics

The course provides students with an understanding of the processes by which an organization produces products or services and how it delivers these products or services to the customer. This course examines and applies management tools and principles to these supply and distribution problems. Emphasis is placed on developing a broad overview of the logistics field. Students will achieve an understanding of the business logistics concepts, how logistics activities produce value in the organization, and become familiar with analytical methods appropriate to logistics decision-making.


  • What are Operations Management, Logistics, Supply Chain Management
  • The role of processes, especially business processes Manufacturing as a metaphor for processes
  • Manufacturing product to process choice
  • Managing variability
  • Fundamentals of process improvement: integrating processes, reducing inventory, improving quality, process mapping, and metrics
  • Tools for choosing inventory levels
  • Mathematical modeling and the role of optimization

Instructor Biography - Sha Liao (to be posted)

Course Outline - Class of 2017 (updated January 26, 2017)

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