Supply Chain Management

The central theme of this module is using the organization's supply chain to create value and to build competitive advantages. The module will focus on a full range of activities, including supplier management and procurement planning, outsourcing, supply chain information systems, distribution, globalization, and strategic supplier alliances.

The module has three objectives. First, expose students to the various aspects of the supply chain network within a variety of industries. Examples from service, manufacturing and retail sectors are used. Second, allow students to develop an understanding of how management of the supply chain can contribute to the competitive position of the firm. The role of supply chain management within corporate strategy will be examined. Third, enhance the student's ability to define and analyze problems, and develop, communicate and implement a plan of action. Case studies are used extensively to illustrate problems and issues faced by managers with respect to heir supply chain.

Instructor Biography - Mahesh Nagarajan

Course Outline - Class of 2017 (updated February 22, 2017)

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