BA511 - Community Business Project

The Community Business Project (CBP) is a 1.5 credit course in the Master of Management (MM) program; it combines community service with academic learning. During the project period, the CBP engages MM students in collaborative project work that enables application of classroom knowledge to real-world business scenarios with non-profits and social enterprises in the greater Vancouver community.

The CBP builds community partnerships with organizations and community-based initiatives with strong social impacts. Through the CBP, students give back to their local communities by providing free business consulting services to organizations and projects that make a difference and better our communities, citizens, and environment.

By the end of the Community Business Project, students will be able to:

  1. Negotiate achievable project scope and timelines with an external client, faculty supervisor, and team members.
  2. Apply foundational business and management skills, including goal-setting, project management, critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving, communication, and accountability throughout the project.
  3. Apply academic and professional skills to provide solutions to complex, project-based business problems for local organizations.
  4. Demonstrate individual and group achievements by delivering a final project report and a presentation to classmates, faculty, staff, clients, and external stakeholders as necessary.

Course Outline - Class of 2018 (updated January 12, 2018)

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