Your dream career begins with business

In today’s job market, employers value business knowledge. The 9-month Master of Management (MM) at Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School gives recent university graduates in non-business fields a business foundation that prepares them to meet those employers’ expectations head on.

Graduates will benefit from an education from one of the world’s most prestigious business schools, while getting real-world experience that will ultimately help them land a career that they love.

As an MM student, here is what you can expect to graduate with:

A solid business foundation: In 9 months, you’ll gain knowledge and practice in all aspects of the business world, from Marketing to Corporate Finance to IT for Management. It’s the type of education you need to speak intelligently about business, no matter what industry you go into.

Meaningful work experience: Imagine gaining the experience to include things like “proposed an international market expansion strategy for a not-for-profit” or “developed a fundraising strategy to preserve BC’s Wilderness” on your resume. With the Community Business Project a compulsory work experience portion of the program, you will get just the right type of training that will not only be a fulfilling experience for you, but also just as remarkable to your future employer.

The ability to ace the interview: Your resume will get your foot in the door, but it’s your performance at the interview that will land you the job. Our Career Centre will be an instrumental part of interview training – from how to properly research the company beforehand to how you articulate your 30-second pitch at the start of the interview (arguably the make or break part of the interview) to tailoring your message so that it’s relevant to the company.