Move up with the Part-time UBC MBA

The 28-month, Part-time UBC MBA is built with the same challenging curriculum as its top-ranked full-time counterpart, but with weekend instead of daily classes - allowing you to apply what you learn to your job the following week.

The experience

The UBC MBA not only introduces you to exciting topics, but also helps you discover your personal leadership style and find the career you’re most passionate about. 

You’ll collaborate with people from all backgrounds, while the optional Global Immersion program lets you gain an international perspective.

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The curriculum

You’re an expert in your field, but do you fully understand how an entire organization comes together? From one of the very first courses – when you are challenged to think like a CEO and consider how to make strategic decisions to maximize success – the curriculum gives you a deep understanding of what it takes to be a strategic thinker.

It’s the type of thinking that you need to go farther in your career.

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The career path

There’s a reason 87% of the class of 2015 enhanced their career through promotion or career change. Throughout the program, we work with you to help you achieve your specific career goals, including:

  • simulated salary negotiations
  • interview skills development
  • MBA mentor program.

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