taylor somers

Flying high in consulting and strategic management

Taylor Somers knew he wanted a business-oriented master’s degree. But he never imagined a UBC MBA would also allow him to indulge his passion for aviation at a helicopter company.

With a BA in history and five years of work experience, completing an MBA was a long-term plan for Taylor. After receiving offers from other business schools, he chose the Sauder School of Business because of its reputation for academic excellence and its global perspective.

“The value of the UBC MBA lies not only in the business skills that you learn or the network that you develop,” he says. “It’s really about demonstrating a higher level of individual competency to potential employers in Canada and around the world.”

Positive experience

One of those employers is CHC Helicopter, which hired Taylor as a consultant for a three month internship. While at the company, one of Taylor’s tasks was to produce a series of country playbooks for executive management that provided information on business conditions in jurisdictions around the world.

“I had always wanted to work in commercial aviation because I’m a pilot myself, so it was great to be able to tie my passion with my education,” adds Taylor. “They were very excited to have an MBA-level intern and they made an effort to give me projects which were valuable to them and also interesting for me.”

Workplace preparation

Taylor was introduced to CHC Helicopter through Sauder’s Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre (BCC), which organizes an annual Leaders Reception to bring together more than 100 CEOs and top executives from the business community to meet with MBA students.

“The BCC provides an invaluable service to students,” says Taylor. “Not only do they create opportunities for you to connect with industry leaders, they prepare you to enter the workplace through one-on-one career coaching and personalized help with your resumé.”

High calibre students

Taylor took the consulting and strategic management track and has nothing but praise for the MBA program at Sauder. He would definitely recommend it to others.

“I had pretty high expectations coming into it because I had wanted to do an MBA for so long,” he says. “Sauder exceeded my expectations because of how carefully the program was designed and how much effort had gone into selecting a student group that was so well-rounded. The calibre of the students and professors in the UBC MBA program was so high that it couldn’t help but be a fantastic experience.”

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Name: Taylor Somers 
Title: MBA candidate 2013
Track: Consulting and Strategic Management
Nationality: Canadian (Winnipeg)