David Tiejde

How do you make a career switch from construction to finance look easy? Build a network, get some commercial banking experience and stand out with a UBC MBA at Sauder.


Exceeding expectations

That’s exactly what David Tiedje did. With the help of the support services at Sauder’s Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre he was able to secure an internship at Royal Bank of Canada. He now has the academic credentials and hands-on business experience he needs to get noticed by potential employers.

“The MBA program exceeded my expectations, particularly when it came to the quality of the faculty and the career support I got,” says David. “I found the professors to be excellent. They were as good as or better than what you would get at other top-ranked business schools.”

Practical, hands-on courses

With a focus on experiential learning, global immersion and personalized leadership development, David says that Sauder’s blend of world-class business research and career-focused management training makes it one of the best places in the world to do an MBA.

“I really liked the empirical finance courses,” he adds. “They were very practical, very hands-on, and not only about business theory. And the professor, Murray Carlson was fantastic and also very approachable, which is what you get at Sauder.” 

Building a network

David grew up in Vancouver but did his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering in Toronto. After graduation he moved back to the West Coast and worked in project management for six years. He thought long and hard about going back to school.

“I did two years of research into business schools and checked out a whole host of different options,” says Tiedje. “I chose UBC because it plugged me into the local and global business network the best and that’s what I wanted. Sauder has taught me the importance of building a strong network and given me the tools to do that. I never did a good job of networking in my career in engineering and I never understood the true value of it. I now have a different outlook.”

Explore the finance career track at Sauder to find out how you too can transition to a new career and re-imagine your future.



Name: David Tiedje
Title: MBA candidate 2013
Track: Finance
Nationality: Canadian (Vancouver)