Expanding horizons at Sauder

Every year talented, ambitious people come to Sauder in search of new skills and international exposure. Andres Medina, a UBC MBA candidate from Colombia, says his experience has been life-changing.

After his undergraduate degree in International Business Administration, Andres worked for a logistics company and then an airline called Avianca.
“I was working closely with sales and marketing directors and vice presidents within the company,” he says. “I realized that if I wanted to reach that level I needed to develop some more advanced skills and get exposure to an international business environment.”

Personal growth

Andres had never lived abroad before, but he was determined to expand his horizons and began researching MBA programs that fit his criteria of value-for-money, an attractive location and an outstanding international reputation. The UBC MBA at Sauder was just what he was looking for.
“Having the Sauder School of Business and UBC on my resume was a big draw for me,” says Andres. “I liked the structure of the program too because you get lots of opportunities to get experience of what it’s like to work abroad with the internship and the Global Immersion components.”

The Global Immersion program sees students travel to countries across the world to apply their management education in international contexts. Andres went to India with other MBA candidates and worked with Aravind Eye Hospital, a not-for-profit organization that is revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare and has performed nearly four million eye surgeries for low-income people. “I feel that I’ve really grown both professionally and personally as a result of this experience,” Andres adds. “I have a much better sense of different cultures now and I’ve been working with people from all kinds of backgrounds. It’s one of the things about the program that I value the most.”

Making a difference

Andres is also building on his experience in the aviation industry with a marketing internship at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR). Add that to his specialism in Product and Services Management and a focus on marketing in his MBA schedule and he says that it feels like a grand plan is all coming together for after he graduates. “I am aware of the advantages of living in Canada,” he says. “The business, political and economic environment here offers lots of opportunities for a successful career. But my plan is to go back to Colombia after the MBA and try to make a difference there. I have a unique profile now and I know I can make an impact in any company that I work for.”

Andres has some advice for other international students considering studying for an MBA abroad: “If you want to push yourself to achieve more in your career, experience new cultures and understand your real strengths and capabilities then the Sauder School of Business is a great place to be.”

Now it’s your turn. Find out more about the life-changing educational experiences on offer with the UBC MBA at the Sauder School of Business.


Name: Andres Medina
Title: MBA candidate 2015
Track: Product and Services Management
Nationality: Colombian (Bogotá)