Aditya Vardhan has lived and worked around the world. When choosing an MBA program he wanted it to be just as internationally focused. No surprises he came to Sauder.

Born in Italy and having lived in the US and Pakistan, Aditya is no stranger to different cultures. In the third year of his Engineering degree in New Delhi he was hired by Infosys Ltd. and worked as a technology consultant in India and Mexico. He specializes in SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) and worked with clients like Clorox, Diageo and Kraft Foods. 

“For two of the three years I was at Infosys I was working in a technical role and in 2012 I decided to move into the business side of the company,” says Aditya. “To advance my career I needed to have more in-depth knowledge of how companies operate and I felt that an MBA would help me to do that.”

Quality teaching

Nearly 70 per cent of the UBC MBA class that will be graduating in 2015 were born outside of Canada and 65 per cent have international work experience. It’s a big draw for people like Aditya. “The biggest reason why I chose Sauder is the cultural diversity you get here,” he says. “I’ve lived in lots of different places around the world so doing my MBA somewhere that has an international flavour was very important to me.”

The quality of the teaching at Sauder and the practical focus of the MBA program have also impressed him. “The courses are delivered in the form of cases and examples so it means that you’re not just memorizing business theories, you’re learning how they can be successfully applied,” he says. “Even now if I come across a problem in my internship I can go back to a case that I worked on in the program and get an example of how to provide an effective solution.”

That internship is with Schneider Electric and the role is somewhat like internal consulting. Aditya is going through their internal processes looking for potential efficiencies and ways to improve operations. He got the position through Sauder’s Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre (BCC), which he says is a great resource for MBA students.

Networking options

“The BCC trains you systematically in how to build connections with employers and gives you a lot of networking options,” he says. “If you put the effort in and engage with them they can do a lot for you.” Aditya plans to stay in Canada after his MBA and hopes to get a job in technology consulting. “The reason I joined the UBC MBA program was to enhance my career in that direction,” he says.  “Vancouver is really a very diverse and international market and I think that my work experience in a number of countries means that it’s easier for me to connect with people from different cultures.”

If building an effective professional network with people from all over the world and enhancing your career prospects at the same time appeals to you, find out more about the UBC MBA program.


Name: Aditya Vardhan
Title: MBA candidate 2015 
Track: Consulting and Strategic Management
Nationality: Indian (New Delhi)