Manchester Business School

The University of Manchester - Manchester Business School

The University of Manchester is world-renowned for its academic and research excellence.

The Manchester Method distinguishes from all other business schools. It's at the heart of the school’s educational philosophy - so the whole MBA program is designed around it. It is the main means by which they pursue their mission to 'develop the business leaders of tomorrow.

Student testimonials

“Manchester is not the most scenic place in the world, but it struck me as a very important city historically, culturally and socially to the UK. It is an excellent city for entertainment (wide array of music and performers make a stop in Manchester, clubs, bars, theatre), shopping and history. You will meet people from countries you have never met in your life as it is one of the most diverse schools out there today, and in that sense, it has vastly broadened my view of what I think is possible to achieve through an MBA program.”

Robin Poirier & Christopher Rampaul
Class of 2011