Keio University

Keio University

Keio University is a comprehensive academic enterprise with five major campuses in Japan, along with a number of affiliated academic institutions on or near these campuses.

Since its inception, Keio has continued to pursue Yukichi Fukuzawa's (school's founder) spirit of jitsugaku, which holds that one should not just acquire information from book learning, but should learn from real-life experiences in order to apply viable solutions to actual problems. Keio continues to pursue jitsugaku today, fostering forward-looking thinkers at its five major campuses.

The academic calendar for Keio University can be viewed here:

Student testimonials

“I love Vancouver with all my heart, but the excitement of Tokyo is simply amazing. Japanese people are very polite and helpful if you ask. The city is extremely clean and safe. There are hundreds of things to see, places to explore, and things to do. You can easily survive here in Japan without knowing a single word of Japanese, but the experience is so much more rich if you can speak and understand a little bit of the language. There is no other city in the world like Tokyo.“

Ronald Chen
Class of 2010