Tel Aviv University - Coller School of Management

The Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv University, is recognized today as the largest business school in Israel and in the Middle East. Over the years, since its foundation in 1966, it has become a leader in academic excellence and a core element in strengthening the Israeli management community. Reaching far beyond the local community, Recanati also works with other international organizations, institutions and individuals to address common regional concerns and mobilize economic forces to take the Middle East forward into the future.

The school maintains strong ties with the business community. Indeed, this linkage is the fourth pillar on which the school stands, together with teaching, research and social responsibility. Much effort is invested in strengthening these ties and initiating new connections.

Tel Aviv University's magnificent 220-acre campus is noted for its aesthetic appeal, its lush foliage, attractive buildings and wide lawns, where students bask in the sunshine between classes. Social activities are plentiful, and the campus sports and recreation center provides a broad range of sporting activities.

Student testimonials

“The friends you will make here will last a lifetime. You will also have more impetus to look for jobs in Europe. My contacts here have gotten me an interview in Sweden. This has been a great exchange and I never want to leave and I doubt you will either.”

Jennifer Howell
Class of 2010