Copenhagen Business School

Social Customs

Shaking hands is the acceptable way to greet and depart from both business contacts and friends. Service is normally included on bills and further tipping is not necessary in hotels, restaurants or taxis.


English is the usual language utilized in multi-language situations. Business meetings and transactions are taken seriously and straightforward. Avoid business visits from mid-June through late-August when most businessmen are on vacation. Punctuality is expected on all occasions.

Student testimonials

“The most rewarding aspect of this exchange was meeting, working with, and befriending an international group of students. I was enrolled in courses that involved a lot of teamwork, and it would have been easy to find North Americans with similar mindsets. However, collaborating with international and Danish students was pleasant and rewarding. I learned a lot about Danish culture and traditions from the people I met in class, and then continued socializing with.”

Alexis Lanzet, Mike Rimoin & Les Robertson
Class of 2010