Tsinghua University - School of Economics & Management

Tsinghua University - School of Economics & Management

The Tsinghua MBA program, first launched in 1991, is one of the most prestigious MBA programs in China. To date, more than 4000 individuals have received their MBA degrees from Tsinghua SEM.

By shaping a top-ranking MBA program and providing a first-class professional education, SEM aims to develop student potential into successful managers and leaders. Tsinghua MBA graduates are armed with global vision, originality, leadership and sound professional ethics. Through the MBA program they understand the market economy, its operational rules and have a thorough awareness of the status of Chinese enterprises.

Student testimonials

“I truly enjoyed my overall experience here and feel that doing this exchange in Beijing (and China) is one of the best decisions of my life. Beijing is such a vibrant city and because it is a center for both political and economical power, a 4 month time period spent here is simply an amazing experience.”

Alexandre Hebert
Class of 2009