Vienna University of Economics & Business Administration (WU)

The practical relevance of WU's programs, resulting from WU's close cooperation with the business world, is only one of the reasons why the Financial Times has ranked WU among Europe's Top 50 Business Schools. WU has over 200 partner universities throughout the world and acknowledged expertise in a number of fields, including East-West business. Its wide range of courses as well as the international orientation of its teaching and research has made WU a renowned center of knowledge in many key fields of business economics.

Student testimonials

"I really enjoy the history that comes with living in a city that has been at the forefront of much of western history the last 500 years. It would do you well to read a little bit about the history of Vienna, the Habsburg Family, and the Austrian empire before you arrive – it will help put a lot of what you see and here in context. This being my first time in Europe, Vienna also provided a great jumping off point to other places. I’ve been to over 40 cities in 15 countries during (what will be) a total of 6 months here.”

Justin Turple
Class of 2010