Learning with impact: Getting the edge in negotiations

Chris Jordan makes deals for a living. UBC Sauder Executive Education gave him the tools to do it better.


Chris Jordan, an account executive at Rogers Communications, has worked in sales for almost a decade and says negotiations with clients drive his work on a daily basis.

So when he heard UBC’s Sauder School of Business Executive Education offers courses that aim to give participants the edge when closing deals, including the class Strategies of Successful Negotiation, the 33-year-old went for it.

After getting positive feedback about the idea at work he immediately signed up to take the course. He was looking at the class to have an immediate impact on his performance, “because I’m on the frontline with customers every day.”


Jordan has been with Rogers for almost six years and says he’s always been interested in doing more learning for his job. The bonus is that his company sees the value too, and is supporting him financially.

“I have a friend who's doing his Masters right now and I’m jealous. But that kind of educational approach isn’t a good fit with my career,” he says, noting that Executive Education provides flexibility more in tune with his working life. 


Jordan says he was surprised by the biggest takeaway he learned during the course – willingness to walk away from a deal is a key negotiation tactic.

“Most people think that if they don’t make a deal then they failed, but that’s just not true. That’s not how it works in the real world,” he says. “Not coming to a decision and walking away is also an outcome and sometimes it works.”

While that type of outcome is not always an option for Jordan – as he says closing deals is what he does – it opened up his eyes to other perspectives and future alternatives.

“I think this type of training would help me in future positions,” he says.

The hands-on experience in the classroom was invaluable he says. In particular, he found the role playing useful as it allowed him to see negotiating techniques at work and how his fellow participants employed them.


“There are certainly things I took away from the course that I can use regularly,” says Jordan. “I can now see when I am negotiating with a client that there are ways to introduce alternatives that may work to sweeten the deal and make the sale.”

He says he’s savvier when it comes to dealing with his clients and certainly can use the negotiating techniques that apply to his job, which gives him more options to consider in every situation.

Jordan also has plans to continue his education and has signed up for two more Sauder Executive Education courses in spring.

The next Strategies and Skills of Successful Negotiation course is June 11 - 13, 2018.

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