Understanding and Managing Change

A Survival Guide for Helping You and Your Team Deal Constructively with Change

Course Level: Fundamental

This course looks at organizational change from a human and process perspective. Learn how change impacts people, and what leadership behaviours are needed to manage the upheaval. Practice key skills for helping those who are struggling with change. Support your team in times of uncertainty, and facilitate the transition process.


  • Comprehend the core dynamics of change in organizations: what leads to change, what is involved and who is affected
  • Leverage organizational culture to help shape desired behaviours
  • Develop an approach to implementing change imposed from above
  • Understand why people often resist and struggle with change
  • Help team members cope with feelings of insecurity, frustration and cynicism
  • Communicate a convincing message and vision that others can commit to
  • Step out of the victim mindset, to become a catalyst for healthy transformation


Canada BC Job Grant 

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