Risk Management Essentials

Reduce Business Problems Associated with Risk, While Maximizing Opportunities

Risk management is a proactive process for resolving problems before they occur. It’s also about managing the positive outcome of risk: opportunity. Explore a structured process for identifying and managing both the negative and positive impacts of risk. Plan response strategies that mitigate potential problems, and learn proven techniques for capitalizing on opportunities.

This course is aligned to the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) standards.


  • Apply a structured, disciplined process that keeps you on track
  • Use data gathering techniques to identify your risks
  • Analyze potential risks, and determine which ones to focus on
  • Plan appropriate risk responses using a variety of alternatives and options
  • Control known risks, and continually assess the project to identify new ones
  • Minimize the scale and impact of negative risks
  • Optimize the opportunities presented by positive risks
  • Become a proactive business leader who resolves problems before they occur

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