Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

Make Conflict Resolution Part of a Healthy Work Environment

Gain valuable insights into the nature of workplace conflict. Learn how to prevent conflicts when possible, recognize unstated conflicts, and resolve explicit conflicts in a fair and considerate manner. Practice techniques for managing conflict on personal and team levels. Come away with an action plan for applying a conflict resolution process in your organization.

The course includes techniques for managing conflicts between managers and workers, as well as between co-workers. It does not cover legal, contractual or societal conflicts.


  • Understand how you respond to conflict, and adapt your style to particular situations
  • Identify behaviours and language that provoke conflict
  • Respond more effectively to emotions
  • Develop collaborative and communication skills to better help avoid and resolve conflicts
  • Make unexpressed conflicts explicit, so they can be treated
  • Frame and set boundaries around conflict
  • Respond more effectively to the emotional content of conflict
  • Mobilize mediation techniques to help others resolve conflicts

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