Power Writing for Business Leaders

Reader-Focused Planning Strategies to Enhance
Writing Impact

Writing proficiently with a clear reader-focus is a public measure of your leadership effectiveness. This program employs a unique strategic approach to writing more fluently as a business leader. Learn to apply a reader-focused mindset for planning, drafting, refining and evaluating documents. Develop proficiency as an effective planner of writing strategies that address the needs of your readers, and that capture their attention and commitment.


You will complete an online survey to identify your writing proficiency and learning goals.


  • Analyze your readership to ensure that the content and tone are appropriate
  • Spend more time planning and less time rewriting, for increased writing efficiency and reader impact
  • Assess the effectiveness and impact of your emails, letters, briefings, reports and other business documents
  • Gain a clear writing purpose and focus
  • Organize your thoughts logically and comprehensively into relevant ideas and details
  • Apply "fast writing" techniques to create a quick first draft
  • Refine your wording to be more clear, concise, compelling, current and courteous
  • Become a more powerful leader and communicator by applying effective strategic planning and writing tactics for enhanced writing speed and fluency

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