Meeting The Leadership Challenge

Transform Your Organization with Exceptional Leadership

Course Level: Advanced

Challenging and thought-provoking, this program in residence has transformed hundreds of leaders with its unique approach to leadership. Over six intensive days, you will define your personal leadership strengths and values, and discover how to leverage them for organizational success.

Specifically, you will develop insights and skills in three critical leadership areas:

  • Self-knowledge: define your personal values, assess your leadership strengths and weaknesses, and discover strategies for sustaining your energy over the long term.
  • Leading others: learn new ways to inspire and lead others towards top performance, developing key leadership skills in areas such as coaching and negotiation.
  • Organizational leadership: empower yourself to break down boundaries, forge new visions and lead your company into the future.

Exclusive, High-Impact Learning

The program takes place at an exclusive hotel in down town Vancouver. Participants are required to stay for the week, in order to absorb new ideas away from daily office pressures and to participate fully in the program experience. 

Accommodation and all meals are included in the program fee.

Benefits to You

This program is designed to carry you to the next level of leadership excellence. You will:

  • cultivate new insights and perspectives on what it means to be a leader
  • define your personal values and create harmony between your vision, goals and actions
  • improve essential leadership skills
  • articulate a compelling vision that inspires others to strive for excellence
  • build, lead, empower and energize high-performance teams
  • facilitate healthy group dynamics and resolve conflict
  • leverage organizational interactions and power structures
  • develop the self-confidence and calm, compassionate mind that characterize great leaders
  • become more positive and productive in the workplace

Benefits to Your Organization

Leadership is more than an attitude; it is also about getting results. This program will help participant organizations:

  • develop their leadership capacity from within
  • capitalize immediately on the deepened leadership insights and skills brought back to the workplace
  • reward their best people, and increase company morale and motivation
  • fill essential knowledge and performance gaps
  • enrich the vision and perspectives being brought to the table, for greater competitive advantage
  • see greater levels of confidence throughout the organization, as alumni serve as role models to others