Leveraging Disruption for Competitive Advantage

Harness “Creative Chaos” to Leapfrog the Competition

While disruption can cause chaos to the unprepared, organizations that understand the underlying forces of disruption can harness them for competitive advantage. 

Many courses view disruption as a threat to be managed. This course takes the opposite premise: that disruption is a source of competitive advantage. Over two action-packed days, you will explore concepts and tools used by companies like Apple, Shopify and Huawei to leverage the creative powers of disruption, leapfrog the competition, and reposition the business for future excellence.

The course uses pre-reading, case method, work groups, and group presentations to maximize the practicality of the concepts and tools learned. Participation is limited to 25 in order to ensure effective interaction and discussion.


  • Cut through environmental “noise” to gain a clear perspective on disruption
  • Learn from the experience of successful corporate disruptors: what worked, what didn’t
  • Deconstruct your assumptions, to open up new horizons in the way you think about and do business 
  • Break free from the limitations of traditional business models and practices
  • Integrate competencies from the larger socio-economic ecosystem to develop awesome products, instead of relying on your organization’s “core competencies”
  • Envision radically new approaches that can leverage emerging trends into opportunities
  • Build a framework and practical toolkit to help you grow revenue, margins, markets and options for sustained excellence in future
  • Identify the role of leadership in changing the operating culture 
  • Leverage disruption to strengthen your competitive position


Canada BC Job Grant 

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