Leading and Executing Change

Develop a Change Strategy that Aligns with
Organizational Objectives

Course Level: Advanced 

*Former course title: Leading Organizational Change

This course will equip you with principles, tools and techniques for planning, executing and integrating the changes needed to drive your company’s strategy. Learn steps you can apply to varying scales of change initiatives, and develop a game plan to build support. Sustain momentum for change while applying a disciplined approach to communicate clearly, resource accurately and avoid surprises.


  • Assess the impact a project or business initiative will have on the organization
  • Develop a business change strategy that aligns with organizational requirements
  • Identify and deal with projects that go wrong
  • Tailor your change strategy to fit the nature, magnitude and complexity of the situation
  • Build a dynamic change management plan for the components in your organization that will be affected by the upcoming change
  • Prepare your people to execute the organizational, project or technical requirements
  • Understand how people react to change, uncover what inspires them, and map out a communication plan
  • Integrate change into the organization as smoothly as possible
  • Inspire cultural changes needed to support a new direction, and build a shared vision of success


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