Increasing Personal Productivity

Plan and Achieve Your Goals More Effectively

Personal productivity is not about “getting everything done.” It is about thinking clearly and making smart decisions on how to use your time and energy most wisely.

In this course, you will learn a unique approach to increasing your productivity. Develop clear and measurable goals you can achieve realistically. Apply proven techniques for managing work and life demands so you can achieve greater focus, energy and effectiveness. Design your own personal productivity action plan, as you explore an array of productivity options and select the ones that will work best for you.


  • Uncover and prioritize your personal goals and challenges
  • Make better decisions on how to align your use of time to your goals and priorities
  • Capitalize on opportunities to become more efficient and effective
  • Discover practical ways to manage your self-defeating perceptions and habits
  • Boost your productivity through influential communication
  • Pace yourself mentally and physically for increased resiliency and performance
  • Create your own customized personal productivity action plan that you can implement immediately after leaving the course

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