Executing Strategy

How to Close the Strategy-to-Execution Gap

The majority of organizations fail to execute on their strategies. In a rapidly changing environment driven by economic uncertainty and disruptive innovation, the strategy execution gap and its consequences are amplified.  

This course provides an integrating framework for translating strategy into effective real-world action. You will work with the latest tools and techniques to analyze the fit between strategic initiatives and organizational capabilities. You’ll develop skills for avoiding execution bottlenecks and for executing strategy at the quality and pace demanded by today’s dynamic business environment.


  • Understand why so many organizations find strategy execution difficult
  • Assess the fit between your strategic goals and the capabilities of your organization to deliver on them
  • Connect strategic aims to operational outcomes
  • Analyze what needs to change to achieve successful strategy execution
  • Increase employee engagement and other execution capabilities 
  • Overcome resistance to change and other common execution challenges
  • Build, govern and manage a portfolio of strategic projects
  • Facilitate quick responses to changing situations

Course Format

The course uses pre-reading, interactive work groups, and group presentations to maximize the practicality of the concepts and tools you are learning.


Canada BC Job Grant 

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