Customer Service Excellence

Leading the Delivery of Extraordinary Customer Service

As business becomes increasingly commoditized, an outstanding customer experience remains the only true source of sustainable competitive advantage. This highly interactive course provides insights and tools for building a customer service team and for enabling consistently excellent service to both internal and external customers. You will define your cultural roadmap and vision, and design clear processes for each phase of the customer engagement cycle.


  • Develop an EPIC culture (engaged, purposeful, inspired and customer-centric)
  • Satisfy the expectations and needs of different generations
  • Master the steps of every successful interaction with customers
  • Establish new standards of service excellence in your organization or industry
  • Align your service delivery with the unique engagement needs of your customer
  • Minimize misunderstandings and enhance emotional connections
  • Respond to difficult customers and emotionally charged situations
  • Maximize customer relationships, engagement, profit and revenue


Canada BC Job Grant 

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