Building a Strong Organizational Culture

Support Organizational Vision and Create a
Great Place to Work

*Former course title: Strategic Organizational Culture

This course identifies the necessary factors and best practices that make organizations special and fully capable of supporting the organization's strategy. Explore the most effective leverage points for maintaining your culture’s strengths. Clarify and deliver a riveting vision. Engage others to commit to the organization’s ultimate purpose, and live the core values the company purports to uphold.


  • Clarify your organization’s culture and identify what makes it distinctive
  • Leverage culture as a leadership tool to attract and retain people
  • Ensure that culture aligns with the company's strategy and vision
  • Identify blind spots that may hinder your company’s ability to flourish
  • Map out a plan to enhance and perpetuate your culture
  • Identify and provide what people need
  • Communicate what your company does, whom it serves and the way it needs to operate to compete and/or succeed
  • Help your organization become a better place to work