Achieving Administrative Excellence

Adopt a Strategic Mindset for Peak Performance

Former course title: Office Management for Administrative Professionals

“Administrative excellence” involves much more than checking tasks off your to-do list. It requires taking an executive perspective to ensure you are doing the right things and making the right choices. It also requires critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills to manage an ever-expanding workload of differing priorities.

In this highly interactive program, you will learn strategic concepts, tools and best practices to help you become a more effective administrative partner for those you support. Apply an executive mindset to make better administrative decisions. Sharpen your critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills. Manage upwards to diverse styles with clarity and confidence.


  • Align your role with the organization’s vision, mission, goals and projects
  • Employ strategic planning skills to manage tasks and projects proactively
  • Use critical thinking tools to solve problems and make decisions 
  • Communicate upwards to diverse leadership and management styles  
  • Better manage uncertainty by uncovering optimal solutions 
  • Become a more adaptable business partner within your team, department and organization

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