Executive Education Certificates

A UBC Sauder Executive Education certificate is an emblem of professional development excellence, a formal recognition of your achievement and commitment to continuous learning. Designed for both individuals and organizations, our certificates provide you with the opportunity to tailor your education plans to meet your schedule and specific interests and business goals.

Certificate Structure

All certificates are structured on mandatory core course(s) and a specified number of non-core courses. The non-core courses are selected from electives enabling a high degree of customization based on personal learning objectives and preferences.

Students may take up to 4 years to complete all required courses. Core and Elective courses can be taken in any order.

Our Certificates

Certificate in Advanced Leadership

Certificate in Advanced Strategy

Certificate in Advanced Management

Certificate in Management Essentials

Certificate in Marketing Management and Innovation

Certificate in Professional Project Management

Certificate in Professional Administrative Leadership

Global Network for Advanced Management’s Certificate of Excellence in Global Business


Canada BC Job Grant 

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