This program provides the following takeaways in an integrated, applicable manner, focused on dental practices:

Business Strategy

  • Identify your goals and evaluate business challenges and opportunities
  • Understand industry trends as they affect your practice and dentistry
  • Consider numerous ways to reduce your costs
  • Appreciate all of the advantages and disadvantages of new technology


  • Assess your own practice, and identify and measure Key
  • Performance Indicators
  • Determine what your practice is worth
  • Interpret your Financial Statements to uncover hidden costs
  • Evaluate cost structures and cash flow

Leading People

  • Broaden your understanding of effective leadership
  • Build a culture that reflects your strategy and values
  • Design an effective performance management and reward system
  • Address one-on-one challenges; lead others to lead themselves


  • Identify what drives efficiency in your practice
  • Streamline your Service Operations
  • Understand cost drivers in your service
  • Design your operations to meet you strategy

Services Marketing

  • Understand what drives patient behavior and how patients evaluate your practice
  • Identify problem areas in service delivery that frustrate both patients and staff
  • Implement techniques to measure patient perceptions and satisfaction
  • Improve service delivery to increase patient satisfaction and staff morale

Special Features

In addition to formal classroom sessions, the program includes prominent guest speakers on topics such as Personal Wealth Management, Investment Strategies and other areas critical to personal and professional success.


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