The Ch’nook Cousins Program

Ch’nook Cousins is a mentorship program for Aboriginal youth from across BC who have an interest in pursuing post-secondary business studies. We equip high school students with the basic self-advocacy skills needed to successfully plan-out, enrol, and fund their education, while also introducing these students to the vast array of career options available to them by pursuing business education.



Early engagement

We facilitate Cousins Events for students from grades 9 – 12.  Early interaction with high school students fosters increased skills acquisition and allows for early-goal setting and greater ease for meeting targets.

Skills development

We provide mentoring workshops to teach multi-faceted skills, allowing for life-skill development as well as introductory knowledge of business education. Skills to time-management, scholarship application letters and budgeting.



As many Aboriginal youth are still First Generation (the first generation of their immediate family to go to post-secondary) it is essential that these students begin learning about student support services that can help to ensure their success, and how to access these services before they arrive at post-secondary.


Mentorship resources through Ch’nook Scholars

We foster a family-like relationship between high school students and post-secondary students. The Ch’nook Scholars are still of an age where they can relate to Ch’nook Cousins’ questions and concerns, and are able to provide them with first-hand answers and advice. 


Ch’nook Cousins are encouraged by the knowledge that others have faced and overcome the same challenges.


Relationship development

Ch’nook has a trusted relationship with Secondary Schools across BC.  We assist with youth career development and life-skills development as well as providing moral support to youth who see the potential in business education.


Useful resources

We provide a range of career development resources on the Ch’nook website, including videos on leadership, and updates on events and opportunities all across BC. Ch’nook Cousins are also encouraged to participate in the Ch’nook Facebook page, where they can post questions regarding their post-secondary education planning.