Ch’nook Individual Giving

Ch’nook aims to significantly increase the number of students engaged in meaningful business studies across BC. Increased participation in Ch’nook will make a genuine difference in Aboriginal communities by empowering Aboriginal youth and enabling them to reach their full potential as knowledgeable and innovative members of the business community.

How your gift can support Ch’nook:

  • $100 provides one night’s accommodation for a Scholar during the Ch’nook Gathering
  • $200 provides support for a local Ch’nook Cousins Event
  • $200 allows for an honorarium for a guest speaker
  • $500 provides support for a rural Ch’nook Cousins event
  • $1000 provides support for a remote Cousins Event
  • $2000 covers one annual scholarship for a Ch’nook Scholar
  • $2000 sponsors a Ch’nook Gathering lunch
  • $2000 offset the costs of a Ch’nook Cousins Regional route (a number of events)
  • $4000 covers the annual costs of a Ch’nook Scholar
  • $5000 sponsors a Ch’nook opening reception
  • $6000 pays the tuition of a local Aboriginal Management Program student
  • $10,000 sponsors the Ch’nook Graduation Ceremony
  • $10,000 pays the tuition of an Aboriginal Management Program student who does not require travel costs
  • $12,000 pays the tuition of an Aboriginal Management Program student requiring travel and accommodation

Other ways to get involved:

  • Provide mentorship for a student member of the Ch’nook Indigenous Business Network studying business or management at one of Ch’nook’s 25 Accord Partners.
  • Offer internships opportunities or other learning opportunities for Ch’nook students at your organization.
  • Recruit a Ch’nook graduate.
  • Help bring a Ch’nook Cousins workshop to your region.

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