Ch’nook Community Partners

Partnerships with First Nations

Ch’nook works to strengthen capacities that support self-determination and sustainable economic development through partnering with First Nation communities.

We believe that through engaging in effective partnerships, we can contribute to a more vibrant future in Canada that is respectful to and inclusive of First Nation communities and that incorporates Aboriginal values, beliefs and principles in the unique contributions they can make to a stronger and more vibrant Canada.

Ch’nook partnerships with First Nations communities can take many forms and might include access to educational resources, custom designed accredited and non-accredited programs, workshops and speakers. We encourage communities to take an active role in designing, developing and delivering sessions from within their communities and we work to ensure that all the proper resources are in place to guarantee successful outcomes.

Ch’nook is a good partner that values:

  • open and honest communication and dialogue with each individual and First Nation community we work with
  • taking as much time as required to enable all ideas and perspectives to be shared, understood and supported
  • measuring how well our initiatives are meeting agreed upon goals or outcomes
  • constantly reflecting on how we can improve our processes and learn from the success of other initiatives.

Partnerships with First Nations Associations

Ch’nook welcomes the opportunity to develop new partnerships with First Nation associations concerned with developing and promoting First Nations business perspectives and values that respect Aboriginal culture, beliefs and traditions. We believe that development of effective partnerships with First Nations associations can lead to innovation in the creation of new and exciting programs and initiatives that will benefit First Nation communities across Canada.