Dr. Dave Twynam Biography

Dr. Dave Twynam

Dr. Dave Tynam is Dean of the Faculty of Management at Vancouver Island University and is a well-published tourism researcher and administrator whose recent work has included research on special event volunteer motivations, community involvement and the social economy, provincial articulation agreements in tourism, and a study on Alpine Ski Athletes satisfaction with their overall experience in the sport.

David grew up in Montreal, Quebec and was involved in teaching outdoor and environmental education and physical education at local high schools. He was the director of Kamp Kanawana and Coordinator of the Montreal YMCA Camping Services. After moving to Vermilion, Alberta in 1982, he worked at Lakeland College as director and faculty member in the recreation department and developed the College’s Adventure and Eco-tourism program. In 1992 he completed his Ph.D at the University of Oregon. He accepted a faculty position in the School of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism at Lakehead University to teach courses in natural resource-based tourism and research and was promoted to Associate Professor in 1996.

In 1998, David accepted the position of Dean, School of Tourism at Thompson Rivers University nd after serving for 11 ½ years he joined Vancouver Island University as Dean of the Faculty of Management. Dave’s research focuses on the following areas: nature based tourism opportunities and market segmentation, local views of tourism development in the north, the Arctic and the Caribbean, the development of principles and codes of conduct for tourism, and motivations and behaviours of special event spectators and volunteers. He has been extensively involved in the Arctic tourism guidelines project initiated by the World Wide Fund for Nature and has also participated in the Ecotourism Society’s project in the Caribbean that explored local interest in marine ecotourism guidelines.

David has studied special and major events, including longitudinal studies of spectators and volunteers. His work has sought to understand the contributions of local community volunteers and the impacts of special events on communities.