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Business Families Centre

The Business Families Centre (BFC) at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business works with business families to address their most complex challenges. 

Working at the intersection of family enterprise and business acumen, the BFC advocates education as the central path to success for all enterprising families.

With a rich history of providing internationally renowned educational programs, resources, and research to business families, professional advisors, and academics in the field of family enterprise studies, the BFC is an unrivaled resource for every issue relevant to the family enterprise, including governance, relationship management, wealth preservation, intergenerational transitions, and next generation leadership.


Education for Families & Advisors


The BFC’s interactive educational programs feature the latest findings and best practices from the fields of entrepreneurship, family enterprise studies, and family enterprise advising.

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Family Legacy Series
Celebrating the
Rosen Family

Larry Rosen

This iconic annual gala provides insights into the inner workings of some of Canada’s most successful businesses and their founding families.

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Features & Insights
The BFC's Newsroom


Explore what’s new and noteworthy at the BFC and in the family enterprise community.

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Support the BFC


Help to ensure the continued development of, and access to, leading educational programs and resources.

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