Scott Henry | Combined Major in Business and Computer Science

"First year is all about determining what direction you want to take in your next four years, so explore as much as you can."

Discovering your passion

"In the first semester of my first year I participated in Vancouver+Acumen’s case competition which centered around social enterprises that create impact and consider the Triple Bottom Line. This was my first introduction to social impact and international development, it got me hooked! Moving forward with my degree this passion allowed me to pursue amazing opportunities such as working for a tech hub in Kenya and working for the World Bank in Washington, DC."

Developing skills through a diversity of experiences

"Arc Initiative, Sauder Philanthropy Program and Residence Life are three programs that have taught me valuable lessons and have shaped who I am as an individual. With the Arc Initiative I piloted a business skills workshop in Rwanda which taught me the impact of entrepreneurship and education in community. The Sauder Philanthropy Program expanded my knowledge base in philanthropy and development giving me insight on how social change is created within Vancouver. Residence Life was a super time consuming and highly rewarding experience that tested my communication skills and allowed me to form some amazing friendships."

Sharing your voice

"The Student Leadership Conference is a fantastic student-run annual event that I encourage everyone to get involved in no matter the capacity. Whether it’s presenting, volunteering or attending, the SLC is sure to provide new insight, new friends and increase your leadership potential. The first year I attended the SLC I left the conference inspired to make a change and invigorated to share my knowledge with others, this drive led me to apply to be a presenter the next year. Through presenting I learned the value of always ensuring that your audience is engaged and pivoting your presentation when something isn’t working."

Looking forward

"I plan to continue my involvement with international development looking closely at how market based approaches using entrepreneurship and technology can impact jobs, livelihoods and social issues in developing economies. Whether it’s working back in Kenya, consulting for the World Bank or some position that isn’t even invented yet, through my own exploration of my degree I’ve identified that this is what I want to be doing!"

Advice for new students

"My greatest piece of advice would be to try everything, go outside your comfort zone, apply for things that you don’t necessarily have the qualifications and everyday try your best to meet someone new."

Connect with Scott on Twitter: @SScottHenry or check out his blog:

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