Jessie Zhao | Options in Accounting and Business Technology Management

"Be proactive and try different things outside of just Sauder."

Appreciating diversity

"Growing up in four different countries, I am really passionate about learning different languages and cultures. I have been studying Japanese since 2009 and passed the intermediate level of proficiency test in 2012. Studying another language really allowed me to understand another society and be more open-minded."

Applying knowledge beyond the classroom

"I started participating in case competitions in my second year because I wanted to overcome my fear of public speaking. As I competed in more case competitions, I found that solving cases under time constraints was exciting. I think it is the best way to apply the knowledge learned at Sauder to real-life, business scenarios."

Building confidence and resiliency

"The summer after my first year at Sauder I took a door-to-door sales job and relocated to Toronto for four months. Ninety-nine percent of the time I was rejected right at the door and this really shaped my character to deal with rejection and regain confidence in myself. The most valuable skill I have developed from this experience is improved communication skills. Through talking to more than 3500 families from different walks of life, I learned to tailor my communication accordingly and this helped me in my later endeavours at school and work."

Looking forward

"After graduation, I aspire to enroll in the CPA program in a public accounting firm."

Advice for new students

"UBC has a lot of interesting clubs and societies. I would encourage first years to get out of the Sauder bubble and try some new things or develop some new hobbies. It's a great way to meet people and make friends."

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