Brandon Kothe | Option in Finance
Minor in Mathematics

"First year was such an amazing experience and there are days where I wish I could live it all over again."

Joining a community

"When I came to UBC I didn’t know a single person here. After attending all the first week events and a semester of classes, I went from knowing no one to being able to walk across campus and always see a familiar face.

At UBC I have been involved as the Co-President of a club; been both an Imagine Day leader and a Sauder orientation leader; and been extensively involved in my fraternity and the Greek System. Through being involved in such a diverse collection of activities I have met a wide variety of students and been constantly encouraged to stay involved in my community."

Taking the lead

"As Co-President of the BizzComm club I lead a team of 15 executives with my fellow Co-President, Olya. We worked together to develop and execute events catered to first year students to improve skills that are vital to any job such as public speaking, networking and interviewing. Through this role, I learned the importance of organization as a leader and how to efficiently lead a group of my peers to create the most value possible for our members."

Looking forward

"My goal is to eventually work for a bank on Wall Street in New York. Right now I’m considering pursuing a Master of Quantitative Finance following graduation – a combination of Finance, Math, Statistics and Computer Science."

Advice for new students

"A common piece of advice I remember hearing from older students in my first year was try something out of your comfort zone at university – and I never listened. I have always had a huge passion for music and in my first year I remember hearing about a number of music-based clubs and I never pursued the opportunity to join one. If I could go back and give my first year self some advice it would be to pursue one of these opportunities and diversify my involvement on campus beyond just Sauder."

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