Aaron Wong | Option in Finance

Aaron Wong is one of a select group of students gaining hands-on, practical experience in global capital markets through investment management of the $8 million UBC Portfolio Management Foundation Endowment Fund.

Immersion in capital markets

"The UBC Portfolio Management Foundation is not just a finance program, it is a lifestyle; one filled with challenge, triumph, hard work, and opportunity. From day one of being admitted, you become fully immersed in the capital markets being mentored by investors and bankers from the top finance firms around the world, traveling to financial hubs such as Toronto, New York, and London, and becoming fully responsible for an $8 million investment fund. You are no longer a student that reads about companies and macroeconomic news, you are an investor that is able to form a view and allocate capital accordingly. But being able to form educated views does not come without hard work, dedication, and climbing up the near-vertical learning curve. Thankfully, the UBC PMF program gives you all the skills you need to make informed, thoughtful, investment decisions, and the network that will support you for the rest of your finance careers."

Aspiring to new heights

"The most memorable experience of my undergraduate degree was flying to New York City to meet the top finance firms in the world (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, KKR, Apollo, etc.) as part of the first year summer of the UBC Portfolio Management Program. Although nerve-racking, it was highly inspirational meeting Sauder alumni who are holding the UBC flag high and are shaping the finance world as we know it. It made me proud to be a member of the Sauder community and gave me ambition to be a future advocate of the program."

Looking forward

"Upon graduation, I will be joining a US investment firm called KKR & Co. L.P. which manages approximately $100 billion across asset classes such as private equity, real estate, and credit. As an analyst on their credit team, I will be conducting diligence on credit opportunities ranging from risky bank loans, high yield, and stressed credits for both public and private companies."

Advice for new students

"Work hard not to get good grades, work hard not to get a high paying job, work hard because you want to learn and the success will come. Those that possess perpetual curiosity and do things for the right reasons are the ones that are given opportunities."

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