Learning Opportunites

Learning Opportunities

Discover a multitude of learning opportunities during your UBC BCom program, both inside and outside the classroom or even abroad. Whether you experience business in other cultures, make great strides in research or even come up with a new course at UBC – it’s sure to enrich your degree and point you towards a fulfilling career.

Create your own educational journey

 Commerce Scholars Program

Learn how to conduct leading research under the mentorship of a distinguished faculty member, in this immersive and exciting research program at Sauder.

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 Directed Studies

Complete an independent project under the supervision of a faculty member and receive course credit. Once you have found an instructor who has agreed to supervise your project, complete the Directed Studies application form and submit it to the Undergraduate Office (UGO) for approval and registration. You will be asked to provide a course outline describing your project and a summary of how it will be graded.

 Student Directed Seminars

Is there a subject you’re passionate about, but isn’t offered at UBC? Why not propose your own course? Under the guidance of your faculty sponsor, you can take charge of your own learning experience in a small, self-directed group.

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Build experience and refine your skillset


Be ready to hit the ground running in your future career by combining your academic studies with practical, paid work experience in your chosen field.

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 Design Strategies for Business Innovation: studio practice (COMM 388)

Build expertise in critical and creative thinking and step ahead of your competition. The Design Strategies for Business Innovation elective (COMM 388) is a hands-on course that blends analytical and creative approaches, equipping you with design strategies and techniques to solve complex business problems.

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 UBC Portfolio Management Foundation

Be part of a select team adding value to a real portfolio of stocks and bonds, currently valued at about $5 million. Guided by mentors, qualified Finance students aiming for a career in capital markets can learn to manage the PMF Endowment Fund.

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Explore new places to discover fresh perspectives

 UBCO Cross Campus Mobility

Expand your BCom experience by taking a term of courses in the Faculty of Management at UBC’s Okanagan campus in Kelowna, BC.

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 Exchange Program

Imagine studying business and immersing yourself in different languages and cultures around the world. You can do it all as part of your UBC BCom.

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 LUISS Guido Carli and Sauder School of Business Combined Program

Studiare in Italia! Complete your Bachelor of Commerce Degree at UBC and a Master's Degree in Management at LUISS (Liberà Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali) Guido Carli University in Rome, Italy in a five-year period.

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