In the Toronto Star, Associate Professor Ron Cenfetelli discussed the recent unearthing of 13-year-old emails in the Jian Ghomeshi sexual assault trials.

The emails are a type of evidence called "digital debris," something of growing importance in criminal trials, as the Ghomeshi case exhibits. Cenfetelli, UBC Sauder's chair in management information systems, told the Star that many corporations hold onto email back-up data for years.

“You can create a million perfect copies of an email that would be pretty cumbersome to do with a piece of paper,” said Cenfetelli. “With emails, there can be ghosts or shadows that sort of reverberate out there.”

Cenfetelli also pointed out that most email clients require a manual delete from the "trash" folder, but even if done properly there’s nothing to stop a recipient from forwarding an email to anyone.

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