For years, Vancouver Coastal Health’s unit that provides vital MRIs, CT scans and more, has hired MBA interns to crunch the data they need to make key decisions.


With close to 30 sites and tens of thousands of patients every year, consolidating and analyzing data to optimize services and financial efficiency is an ongoing challenge for Vancouver Coastal Health’s Lower Mainland Medical Imaging.

British Columbia’s aging population means demand for procedures like CT, ultrasound and MRI is increasing. And this is placing ever more complex pressures on services, says regional manager Juan Garzon.  

Garzon says MBA interns from UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School have been key in helping his department stay on top of the flow of data coursing out from hospitals and other health care centres.

“We need the analytical skills these students have in order to help look at trends, specifically where the demand is greatest for our services, so we can best accommodate these areas,” he says.

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The business of health care is always a balancing act, as it needs to combine the needs of the individual with the supply and demand of the resources at hand. 

A UBC MBA alum himself, Garzon says his team at Lower Mainland Medical Imaging sees the value in having interns from UBC Sauder involved in several assignments a year to help manage the stream of data from multiple sites spread out across several cities.

Some of these assignments include development of business cases, providing data analytics, and mapping the current state of a process to identify future improvement opportunities.

“MBA interns are instrumental in assisting our team and provide high business value,” says Garzon.

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His most recent intern, Jill Kennedy, joined the team last summer for four months to take on a number of projects, including an analysis of the relationship between patient visits to the Lower Mainland’s emergency rooms and the demand for medical imaging orders from those visits.

“It was important work and Jill needed to communicate with other members of staff to find out the initial information for the project and put together the necessary data,” says Garzon.

For Garzon, MBA interns have a unique set of skills they bring with them when they take on assignments which set them apart.

“It’s about having access to a diverse pool of talent equipped with data analytics, communications or other transferable skills that are valuable in health care,” he says. “I think the experience is beneficial for everyone.”


The findings of Jill’s research on the trends between emergency room visits and demands on medical imaging services were presented to senior executives in the health authority.

“In the future, these types of analyses may help us make more informed decisions about optimizing allocation of resources” explains Garzon.

He says there are likely many public sector organizations that could benefit from an MBA intern’s ability to provide the data necessary to make tough decisions that need to balance public demand and fiscal constraints.

“With increasing demand for services – not just medical imaging – driven by an aging population and constrained resources, health care has a lot of potential for improvement opportunities,” says Garzon.

“Performance in health care is measured through many different indicators. MBA interns have the skills to analyze and communicate findings that can inform decisions that ultimately have the potential to improve the delivery of patient care.”

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