Sauder researchers scored a banner year in funding from the federal agencies that lead research funding, with $2.1 million awarded from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

The grant value for 2014 was the second highest funding allotment the school has ever received. Sauder only received more in 2008, when there was a special call for business research.

SSHRC grants will fund research including:

  • Assistant Professor David Hardisty’s investigation into why consumers get trapped in cycles of debt from payday loans and what interventions can reduce their overuse
  • Research by Associate Professor Joy Begley, the Ronald L. Cliff Professor in Accounting, on defined benefit pension plans and how they could be more sustainable in the face of corporate bankruptcy
  • Associate Professor James Tansey’s project on how to develop a market valuation of natural systems to mitigate climate change and positively impact indigenous peoples
  • Research by Professor Robin Lindsey, the CN Chair in Transportation and International Logistics, on how large transport users, such as freight shippers, can reduce congestion by changing their trip timing

Notably, Professor Darren Dahl, the BC Innovation Council Professor, was ranked among the top three applicants nationwide by in his SSHRC committee, while Assistant Professor Chloe Tergiman earned SSHRC funding for the third time in three years. Associate Professor JoAndrea Hoegg’s funding came in the same year that she was named Canada Research Chair in Consumer Behaviour.

SSHRC Insight Grants were also awarded to Associate Professor Murray Carlson, Professor Ron Giammarino, Professor Keith Head, Associate Professor Ali Lazrak, Professor Daniel Skarlicki, Associate Professor Katherine White, and Associate Professor Ting Zhu. Assistant Professor Carolin Pflueger earned an Insight Development Grant and Assistant Professor Ning Nan a SSHRC Connection grant.

Two NSERC grants were also awarded to Associate Professor Mahesh Nagarajan and Assistant Professor Hao Zhang.