Sauder is leaping into the world of online executive education for a global audience with a new class, Marketing for Non-Marketers, taught by two award-winning faculty members, Professor Darren Dahl and Instructor Paul Cubbon.

The six-week edX course is designed for working professionals who want to understand core concepts that drive marketing across a wide variety of industries.

Dahl has been recognized as the world’s top marketing researcher by the American Marketing Association for the past two years, while Cubbon is a marketing professional and experienced educator who leads Sauder’s entrepreneurship portfolio. Both professors are also recognized for their teaching: Dahl was the judge and online audience pick for the Economist magazine’s Business Professor of the Year Award in 2013, while Sauder students have chosen Cubbon for teaching awards year after year.

In the course, students will learn about the psychology of consumers, marketing metrics, communication skills and how to price and position products.

“To make it dynamic, you’re going to see us tell stories. Coupled to these stories are real-world tools that you’ll be able to use and implement in your organization,” says Dahl, who is also the Senior Associate Dean, Faculty and Director of the Robert H. Lee Graduate School. “We’re going to bring you real-life examples that will show you how marketing has evolved.”

“One of the challenges with learning about marketing is that it can seem like everything’s moving so fast,” adds Cubbon. “We’ll help you see that the fundamental principles have stayed the same over time; it’s the context that’s changing.”

Students do not need any formal marketing experience and training, and the course requires three to four hours of work per week to earn a professional certificate from UBC and edX. It begins on June 16.

Sauder will be offering two other marketing courses on the same platform later this year: Innovation and Problem Solving through Creativity, starting in September, and Customer Insight through Qualitative Research, starting in October.

Visit the edX website to enroll in the course.