Sauder fosters volunteerism with staff award supporting non-profits

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Sauder’s 2015 Graeme A.G. Stamp Community Project Award has been awarded to Sandy Tanaka, assistant dean and director of finance at Sauder, for her tireless volunteer work with the Canadian Mental Health Association.

The award recognizes UBC alumnus Graeme A.G. Stamp, who passed away in 2006. He had completed a diploma at Sauder’s Real Estate Division, and was a member of Sauder’s Faculty Advisory Board, and the school’s Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate Advisory Board.

In honour of Tanaka’s work, a donation of $2,500 was made to the CMHA. A lifelong volunteer for various causes, Tanaka has been dedicating time to the CMHA over the past year, because their focus has been close to her heart since the loss of a friend who had been struggling with mental health issues.

Last year, Tanaka recruited 15 volunteers, the “Sauder Spinners” to bike 60 kilometres in the Ride Don’t Hide annual fundraiser for the CMHA, helping to raise $3,310 for the cause. She has also committed extensive hours to other CMHA causes by creating greeting cards and leading a group in the CMHA’s Wrapping up Hope event.

The award is given annually to a Sauder staff member in recognition of their volunteer work in the community at large.

Tanaka says she hopes the award can be a catalyst motivating people to give back, and to help create a community they want to be a part of.