Professor Jennifer Berdahl is featured in a Financial Times Q&A, as part of a series on women in business.

In the Q&A, she discusses her research on sexual harassment at work, the role it plays in regulating masculinity and femininity, and how people sometimes react to her research.

“The term “sexual” misleads people into thinking this harassment is about sexual expression or gratification. Think “racial” harassment and you’ll get a better idea of what it’s about. Sexual harassment degrades, excludes or controls someone based on their sex,” she told the FT.

She also relates her research to her personal experiences through her career, as she says that even she sees firsthand how women and men are treated differently at work.

“Probably being a feminist researcher (which makes me scary or untrustworthy to some) and/or a mother (which makes some dismiss my focus or priorities) makes it worse,” she says.

She also shares quotes from her favourite business book and offers up tips for networking driven by mutual respect and empowerment.

Read the full Q&A here.