The latest edition of Business in Vancouver’s Right Course magazine put the spotlight on Sauder’s Business Families Centre (BFC) for its role helping leaders explore the process of building a business around a family.


The BFC was established with a goal to educate business families in how to work together effectively and manage relationship difficulties that, when unaddressed, can be detrimental to the work environment.

“Business families were grossly underrepresented in the academic market, despite their prevalence and significance to the Canadian workforce and economy,” said Program Director Chira Perla, noting the pressing need being met by Sauder to create educational support for businesses in transition.

Sauder also hosts the Family Legacy Series, which enables the stories of great Canadian business families to be shared. The school has also partnered with the Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors (IFEA) to establish the first and only family enterprise advisor designation worldwide.