Professor Jennifer Berdahl was quoted in a Maclean’s article about the RCMP being investigated for internal claims of harassment and abuse of authority.

Berdahl suggests the RCMP can appear to onlookers as being too heavy-handed in trying to cover things up and save face, instead of enabling a more open and transparent investigation.

“They might think they’re above the law. It’s consistent with a sort insular and corrupt culture that defines the RCMP through these lawsuits: incredibly arrogant and thinking they can manipulate the truth,” she told Maclean’s.

Berdahl, the Montalbano Professor of Leadership: Gender and Diversity at Sauder, has been quoted in earlier news stories on the same topic, and also served as an expert witness in court. She is frequently featured commenting on issues of workplace harassment and gender equity in publications that have included the New York Times and the Financial Times.