The Sauder Alumni Club of Beijing invites you to join us for a presentation about the expanding green energy sector in China. You will learn more about how the world's leading companies are approaching their energy strategies from Rosie Pidcock (BCom '11), manager of the commercial solar division in China for UGE, a global full-service renewable energy provider. Pidcock develops and  manages financed rooftop solar opportunities for multinational companies operating in China.

Pidcock previously managed the Built Environment program for the China Greentech Initiative (now part of the Paulson Institute) and the launch of the China Greentech Report 2013, the foremost resource for commercial opportunities in China's green technology industry. She has five years of experience in consulting, where she worked with public utilities and commercial customers on their distributed energy strategies.


August 14, 2015
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Jīndǐngxuān (tuánjié hú diàn)
Address: tuánjié húnán lǐ 15 hào
Phone: 4006766111 / 010-85968887


100 RMB per person. 

For any questions regarding this event please contact Jessica Chan, Alumni Engagement Manager, at