How can a career in athletics lead to a career in finance? Through UBC’s MBA Internship Program.

Before Kyle Peterdy started the UBC MBA program, he was an athletic director, physical education teacher and college lacrosse coach in Montreal, Quebec. While that may seem like an unlikely starting point for a career in finance, it turns out there is more overlap between the two fields than one might think.

“Many facets of commercial banking are exercises in fundamental teaching practices; managing relationships is very important in both fields,” Peterdy says. “Teaching and coaching are about instilling confidence and building trust. Whether it’s educational stakeholders or prospective clients, understanding each person and their individual needs is paramount.”

Untapped markets

Peterdy now has the opportunity to use these skills as a commercial account manager trainee at RBC Royal Bank, a position he assumed after completing the MBA program and earned, in part, due to a successful summer internship at RBC. In his new role, Peterdy can build upon the experience he gained in his internship, where he worked for UBC MBA alumnus Todd Shewfelt, VP of Commercial Financial Services, and his team.

During his internship, Peterdy supported the commercial financial services division in myriad ways.

“Where I feel I was able to add a lot of value was through some of the industry research I conducted,” he says. “I was able to generate a lot of discussion among the team members about prospective business opportunities and untapped markets around the Lower Mainland.”

“I learned the fundamentals of credit writing and I also worked on several presentation decks designed to educate internal and external partners about what RBC’s commercial financial services team does and to, ultimately, generate referral business,” he adds.

Depth of analysis

Not only did this real-world experience help him secure a post-graduation position with the bank, it also served as a counterpoint to the broad spectrum of the MBA experience. As an MBA candidate, Peterdy took up to six classes at a time, was an active member of the UBC Finance Club and attended networking events put on by Sauder’s Business Career Centre. During his internship, by contrast, he was able to focus intently on his research projects.

“I appreciated the opportunity to dive right in to the research projects during my internship – it allowed for a depth of analysis that I couldn’t replicate in a class setting,” he says.

“These kinds of hands-on experiences really solidify your learning,” he says. “My internship gave me a better understanding of what it means to be successful in the financial services space and how to parlay my coursework into successful outcomes in the work world.”

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